Private Detective Agency Nemesis Intelligence

Nemesis Key Features

  • 26 Years Experience in Investigations
  • Specialists in Surveillance and Covert Ops
  • Exceptionally High Success Rate
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 24/7 Service
  • Tasks are Not Contracted Out
  • Personal Supervision and Client Accountability
  • Comprehensive Reporting of Time and Expenses
  • Initial Consultation Free
  • All Agents Surveillance Trained
  • Male & Female Detectives Based Nationwide
  • Experienced in Overseas Ops
  • Under-cover Operatives Available
  • Emphasis on Professional Standards & Training
  • Flexible Quotation Tailored to your Needs
  • All Agents Former Police or Armed Forces

Latest Technology

GPS tracking devices
Covert pinhole cameras
Sophisticated data capture
Night Vision Cameras
Remote recording & viewing
Ultra long lens capability
Outstation video with telemetry control
Wireless CCTV
Motion Detection CCTV
Spy Cams


Matrimonial Enquiries
Fraud Investigations
GPS Tracking
Theft Investigations
Asset Location
Locating Missing Persons
Process Serving
Surveillance Training

Premier Private Detective Agency

NEMESIS INTELLIGENCE is an experienced commercial private detective agency, specialising in covert surveillance and information procurement for the general public as well as the legal and insurance professions. The company - staffed by trained, highly professional investigators and based in the UK but operating world-wide - is fully insured and is regulated by and registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Matrimonial & Personal Investigations

We undertake all types of investigations including the conduct of surveillance operations for: matrimonial/fidelity and divorce investigations, fraudulent personal injury enquiries, asset location and employee theft detection, as well as the provision of counter & anti-surveillance, training, process serving, tracing of missing persons and GPS tracking for people, assets and vehicles.

Covert Surveillance Specialists

Every detective has undergone a comprehensive training course in both urban and rural surveillance techniques - focusing on foot and mobile surveillance - in addition to various associated information-gathering skills, in particular the all-important acquisition of covert video and stills photography. Additionally each investigator is fully conversant with all the current legal issues (most especially the practical application of RIPA 2000 and HRA 1998) relating to the commercial private detective industry, to ensure that our evidence is legally admissible and totally beyond reproach.

Highly Trained & Operationally Experienced Detectives

Nemesis takes into account the requirements of each task and allocates the specialists with the relevant knowledge and experience to achieve a successful outcome for you the client. For instance, although all our operators possess first-class surveillance skills, they also have additional technical, practical, or linguistic skills. For example, Operator A's forte is electronics and so he is responsible for fitting covert cameras, conducting electronic sweeps and consultation on all technical surveillance matters, whereas Operators B-D are French, German or Italian speakers capable of mounting overseas Ops without local assistance. Operator E is skilled in all aspects of GPS tracking for locating vehicles, assets and personnel, while Operator X (ex-CID) specialises in the investigation of commercial theft.

Corporate and Personal Investigations

Nemesis is above all a team where the strengths and weaknesses of each team member are known by all in the group and so Standing Operational Procedures are both slick and seamless. The backgrounds and professionalism of each team member are also well known in the intelligence industry and are beyond refute so that you can rely on a first-class service.

Offices in London, Bournemouth, Taunton, Exeter & Bristol

Nemesis staff are based throughout the United Kingdom enabling us to mount operations efficiently and with the shortest possible response times no matter where the task. We pride ourselves in our ability to complete any information- gathering task in a discreet, professional and expeditious manner in order to provide clients with a successful, cost-effective solution to their legal and personal problems.

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