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Private Detective Agency Mission Statement

Covert Surveillance To provide the Client with quick and accurate information with total discretion, in any environment, in all weathers, day and night.

Area of Operations

Nemesis is experienced in mounting surveillance operations throughout the UK as well as overseas.

Method of Operations

Before mounting any information gathering task we conduct in-depth background research into all available sources as well as a thorough reconnaissance of all the target areas. This enables us to carry out a comprehensive task analysis in order to produce the best and most cost-effective method of achieving the aim. A key factor in this equation will be estimating the manpower required to facilitate a successful outcome for the client. It is acknowledged that financial considerations are an ever present concern for most people and so every effort will be made to minimise any unnecessary costs.

The operation is then conducted in accordance with recognised professional precepts - to ensure a successful outcome whilst minimising exposure to the Target. The team communicates by covert personal radios concealed within the operators' clothing complete with hidden microphones and wireless earpieces. We always use covert cameras - both in vehicles and when on foot - with high resolution pinhole cameras custom built into objects appropriate to the operational area: shopping bags, ties, mobile phones, briefcases, or almost anything that will facilitate the acquisition of the all-important video evidence. These professional precepts enable Nemesis successfully to provide the Client with legally admissible evidence; even when operating against the most surveillance aware Subjects, particularly in difficult - possibly hazardous - areas where the onlooker is also a threat to the integrity of the operation.

Undercover Operations At the end of each day's surveillance a comprehensive debrief will be carried out and a situation report sent to the Client by phone, E-mail or fax informing them of the day's events. A full Report Package is produced within 24 hours of the operation's completion (or sooner if required). The Report Package will consist of: a comprehensive but concise report, surveillance log of events, witness statements, copies of edited and unedited video footage on VHS tapes or DVDs if required, along with relevant photos and annotated maps of target area.

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